Cultural Heritage

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Europe’s libraries, archives, museums and audiovisual archives have vast and rich collections that represent Europe’s history and cultural diversity. The digitization and online accessibility of the Member States’ cultural material and its long term digital preservation are essential to enable access for all to culture and knowledge in the digital era and to promote the richness and diversity of European cultural heritage.

Digitized cultural material is an important resource for European cultural and creative industries. Digitization and online accessibility of Member States' cultural heritage, considered both in a national and cross-border context, contributes to economic growth and job creation and to the achievement of the digital single market through the increasing offer of new and innovative online products and services.

Especially in the case of Cultural Heritage the accessibility should be considered not only as technical accessibility (the possibility for all of enjoying digitized cultural material) but accessibility in the form of understanding and experience.

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  • Transforming culture in the digital age (PDF, 6532k) (external) International Conference in Tarau, 2010, published by Estonian National Museum, Estonian Literary Museum, University of Tartu: in thist collection of articles, the focus of the transformations is on the intersections of individuals and institutions, and users and producers of culture