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About the Hub

This eAccessibility Hub intends to be a reference point about accessibility and different technologies in the Information Society. Normally, the target would not be to host in this site resources on the different topics but to comment and categorize resources (standards, recommendations, tutorials, tools, blogs, etc.) on the Web according to their content. Thereby we will help stakeholders on finding resources according to their expertise, thus supporting them in spreading accessibility.

How can I support this effort?

This Hub is a Wiki-type tool based upon MediaWiki (external). To avoid uncontrolled use of this resource, we will require you to register. Once you follow the simple registration process, you can contribute and update resources.

If you do not have experience with wikis, or with MediaWiki in general, you can find in the MediaWiki web site information on several topics. We recommend to start on these pages for a quick introduction:

General recommendations

Before starting a page on a resource, please follow these recommendations:

  1. Search first to check whether a given resource already exists. If you find it, and think some information is inaccurate, please add it or correct it. Please, use the discussion page to discuss open issues.
  2. Remember to create only one page per resource that you comment.
  3. Remember to add metadata to your page (see section below).
  4. Be concise and avoid content duplication.
  5. Metadata: please refer to Help:Metadata for additional advice on our usage of meta information.