Legislation and policy on eAccessibility

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Policy and legislation, besides business and other benefits, are key drivers for eAccessibility. The civil rights movements in the USA expressing the demand for equal rights independent living for people with disabilities, lead to first legislations (e.g. ADA (external), Section 508 (external)) which became a role model for comparable policy and legislative developments around the globe. The UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (external) is a cumulating outcome of this global movement which today impacts on eAccessibility in the information society. This convention, which was signed till 2012 by 153 and ratified by 114 countries (including EU and all member states) addresses in many parts eAccessibility, Assistive Technologies and Design for All.

The following provides an overview to key policy and legislative resources at European and national level. Area and technology specific legislation and policy issues can be found in these sections on the eAccess+HUB.


Overview linking into national resources

Discussions and debates on policy and legislation

European resources

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Accessibility UK (external)