Self service terminals

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Increasingly we are asked to interact more and more with self-service technologies, which go by many different terms (here is a list of just some of them). We get our cash from an automatic banking machine, we buy our bus or train ticket from a self service ticket machine, we check in for our flight at a self service check-in kiosk, we check out our own groceries at a self service check-out terminal and we use a self-paced audio-guide when we visit a museum. But if you have a disability or are older, using such self service terminals may be difficult or impossible:

  • If you are in a wheelchair, getting close enough to the controls of a self service terminal may be impossible
  • If you are partially sighted, the print on the screen or button may be too small or not have sufficient contrast
  • If you are an older person, self service terminals may time you out because you need longer to make decisions

These pages provide resources for individuals and organisations working in the self-service technology domain, either in providing self-service technologies or in deploying them. They are intended to provide guidance on a range of topics and levels, all aimed at supporting development and implementation of an eAccessibility strategy.

Resources are organised into the following groups: