Total Conversation

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REACH112 (external) defines Total conversation as "a standardised concept where you can use video, text and speech at the same time in a call. It can be seen as an extension of the videophone concept by consistent addition of the real-time text medium."

Total Conversation combines features of video telephony, text telephony and voice telephony. The ITU service description ITU-T F.703 Multimedia conversational services (external) defines Total Conversation service as "an audiovisual conversation service providing bidirectional symmetric real-time transfer of motion video, text and voice between users in two or more locations".

The concept is aimed at providing real time conversation for all people and for various situations. This includes but is not limited to people with a disability, e.g. people who are deaf or hard of hearing, blind etc., but also people who find themselves in a situation where the complementing media video, real-time text and voice together fulfills the conversation needs much better than only voice.

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