User involvement

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To move concrete steps towards e-accessibility means to concretely engage European citizens of all ages in the policy and research processes that affect this topic.
User involvement, as well as the Design for All approach, are however real challenges, particularly when they deal with older people and people with disabilities. Users are not a homogenous group, the costs for guaranteeing the effective involvement them is high (both in terms of human effort and resource costs), the methodology varies a lot, depending e.g. on the users addressed and the discipline considered.
Nevertheless user involvement and the Design for All pave the way for actual improvements: active participantion of citizens in research and engagement on the issues that concerns them, since the earliest phases of products and service design or of policy debates. It also means:

  • delivering more efficient solutions, which take citizens' needs into account and avoid mistakes in the production;
  • designing tools and providing services that can serve everybody and represent a real added value for users, none excluded.
    User involvement and Design for All allows us to see our rights fulfilled and to empower ourselves.

This section wants to gather useful tools and information on possible ways and methods to involve users, in particular older people and people with disabilities, in the policy and research processes that concern them
Please find below some useful links on the topic